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Kitchen Grease Duct - Model IPS Z3/Z4

ZeroClear® features an integral fire-rated chase design for zero clearance to combustibles:

  • Zero clearance to combustibles with an integral 2-hour fire rating
  • Factory-built for high quality, durability, ease of installation and long life 
  • 5” to 36” diameters (ID) to fit the wide range of commercial applications and customer specifications, available with 3" or 4" high temperature dense fiber insulation
  • Stainless steel cylindrical construction, for superior strength at much higher temperatures versus rectangular carbon steel field fabricated systems
  • Safety tested to stringent test requirements – UL 1978, UL 2221 and ASTM E-2336; includes a 30-minute, 2000 °F grease fire test
/en/product/model-ips-z3-z4/ /en-ca/product/model-ips-z3-z4/ /fr-ca/produit/cuisine-conduit-de-graisse-modele-ips-z3-z4/

Decorative Outer Wall Options

  • Painted colors – 180 standard RAL color options
  • Alternate materials such as copper and polished stainless steel

Array of styling options customized to your unique interior or exterior application for an enhanced appearance – from matching a building facade to creating an inviting space that leaves a lasting impression.

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