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As proper ventilation is vital to any structure, let SELKIRK help you design and select the ideal system to ensure long-term performance from your commercial installations. We understand that every job has unique needs. Let our experienced engineering team provide you with complete design services that take the “guess work” out of installation, even for the most complex systems.

Exclusive to Selkirk, our multi-use pressure stack PS/IPS models offer decorative outer-wall design options, which can be customized in a variety of factory-painted colors, custom materials and laser-cut logos, patterns and messaging, to create an inviting interior and exterior space that leaves a lasting impression.   

Save Time. Money. Space.

Selkirk doesn’t just make factory-built commercial vent systems, we invented them, and have been the first and last name in appliance venting for nearly a century. As compared to field-fabricated venting, Selkirk’s factory-built systems are higher in quality, reliability and durability. Lower labor and job costs are another reason to choose our factory-built systems. SELKIRK eliminates the need for on-site welding, and multiple inspections, while our modular components take up less space, and are easier and quicker to install saving valuable time and money.

Please contact us to learn more about Selkirk’s factory-built commercial venting for your next project.  

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(Special Gas Vent, Pressure Stack, Grease Duct)
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