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When installing a Wood Stove, you have a few options with respect to the Chimney & Venting system. Your BEST option is SuperVent! Here are some reasons why….

Chimneys are used to vent the products of combustion produced by heating appliances to outside your home. The better your Chimney system performs the safer and more efficient it becomes. The best indication of performance is how well a Chimney insulates (keeps heat inside the chimney and keeps temperatures cooler on the outside of the chimney). SuperVent is a Solid Pack* Chimney, which provides better insulating properties than other types of chimney. A better insulated chimney is a better drafting chimney, meaning you will get less smoke from your Wood Stove and reduced creosote built-up in the chimney over time.

All Stainless Steel construction makes SuperVent corrosion resistant and long lasting. In fact our manufacturer Lifetime Warranty covers ALL component parts, not just the insulated lengths. Embossed Couplers prevent moisture penetration and help keep your SuperVent Chimney trouble free.

The Twist-Lock connection makes installations a snap…. Chimney Lengths lock together with a simple 1/8 turn. SuperVent also comes packaged in convenient Installation Kits that contain common components to each type of installation, making it easy to decide which parts you need.

SuperVent also offers Model DSP Double Wall Stove Pipe to connect your Wood Stove to your SuperVent Chimney. For best results use an entire SuperVent system with your stove!

* See "Types of Chimneys" below

The Types of Factory-Built Chimney are Solid Pack, Blanket and Triple Wall.
Most Factory-Built Chimneys are similar in that they are constructed of at least two round metal tubes with insulation in between (whether the insulation be simply air, or one of several different ‘fibre’ types). The major types discussed here are: Solid Pack, Blanket, Triple-Wall and Air-Cooled.

Solid Pack Chimneys
Solid Pack Chimneys are characterized by a packed-in-place insulation placed between two walls and are known for their high insulating value. Due to the fact that Solid Pack Chimney actually contains more insulating material than other types, they perform better by maintaining higher flue gas temperatures and lower temperatures on the outer casing. These chimneys also feature a slim-line design that allows easier installation. Manufacturers carefully protect the ingredients of their proprietary insulation mix, which may allow some Brands to outperform others.

Blanket Chimneys
Blanket Insulated Chimneys are similar to Solid Pack designs, except they use Insulation Blankets that are cut to size and applied inside the Chimney’s walls. Blanket Insulated Chimneys typically contain less insulating material than Solid Pack designs, yielding a lighter weight product.

Triple-Wall Chimneys
There are two types of triple wall chimney designs – Combination (blanket & air) and Air (only)-cooled. The combination blanket / air cooled Triple-Wall Chimney design typically combines some fibre blanket insulating material with an air-insulated section. Triple-wall Class-A chimney keeps your house protected by cooling your vent gasses. Cold air is drawn in to the venting between the outer and second pipe and cools the inner liner where you are venting your flue gasses. Double-wall, insulated Class-A chimney keeps your house protected by insulating, keeping your flue gasses warm (hot) and thereby it does not hamper a good draft the way 3-wall chimney does. The air-cooled triple wall system (also know as a thermal syphon system) relies strictly upon movement of air between walls to keep the system cool. The outside diameter of Triple-Wall Chimneys are typically larger than Solid Pack or Blanket Insulated products which can lead to system design problems.