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DSP Double Wall Stove Pipe FAQ's

Our technical support personnel have identified the following questions about Chimney and Venting as the ones most commonly asked.

Q. Why is Double Wall Stove Pipe more expensive than Single Wall Stove Pipe?

A. Double Wall Stove Pipe is a superior product in a number of ways. Model DSP lasts significantly longer, reduces clearances to 6" from combustible materials (vs 18" for single wall), provides a scratch resistant Black finish and gives you the assurance of a listed / tested product (to ULC 641) covered by a Lifetime Warranty. The high quality Stainless Steel inner liner and aluminized steel outer casing also provide better thermal protection than single wall. This enhances the performance of your Wood Stove by improving the draft (which prevents "smoking") and reducing creosote build-up.

Q: What parts are in the Vertical installation Kit?

A. Vertical installation Kits are used for straight up Double Wall Stove Pipe systems. These will be used with the Ceiling Support or Cathedral Ceiling Support Chimney systems.

Q: What parts are in the Thru-The-Wall Kit?

A. DSP Thru-The-Wall Kits are used for Double Wall Stove Pipe systems that need a 90 Degree elbow to connect with a Thru-The-Wall Chimney design. These will be used with the Wall Support Chimney system.

Q. Why are there "Slots" in some other models of Stove Pipe?

A. Model DSP does not have "Slots" cut into pipe lengths. In addition to the improved (smooth, clean) appearance our pipe, the slots could actually impair venting performance by allowing heat to escape the venting system. Less heat in the venting system can cause the Wood Stove to 'smoke'. Also, this could increase the allowable clearance to combustible walls to 9" in some cases. Model DSP has a clearance of only 6" on all diameters (6", 7", 8").

Q: Can I install Double Wall Stove Pipe all the way through my roof or wall?

A. No. Double Wall Stove Pipe is a connector pipe that links the wood stove flue collar to the insulated chimney system. Double Wall Stove Pipe shall not pass through an attic, roof space, closet, wall or similar concealed space; or a floor or ceiling of combustible construction.

Q : Why is the crimped end up?

A. The stainless steel inner liner crimped end is down so that condensation from the chimney will drain towards the stove, but the outer casing crimped end is up so that each piece of Double Wall Stove Pipe are fitted together and gives an attractive finished look.

Q: The size of the flue collar of my stove is smaller than my chimney system, what should I do?
A. You will need an increaser.

Q: Where do I locate the increaser?

A. Always locate the increaser section at the insulated chimney (top end of the system). By doing so, you will reduce the heat loss from the flue pipe by causing the gases to flow faster.

Q: Can I paint my Double Wall Stove Pipe?

A. Yes. Use Thermalox #270 low sheen high temperature paint over 1000°F.

For additional information, refer to SuperVent (DSP) Installation Instructions @ www.supervent.com or contact our customer service department at 1-800-263-9308 info@selkirkcorp.com